Nourkrin® Post Pregnancy

Up to 40-50% of new mums will experience hair loss after giving birth, and postpartum hair loss is more common than most women realise.

Nourkrin® Post Pregnancy is for all women, who have given birth within the past 9 months.

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Postpartum hair loss is experienced between 2 to 4 months after childbirth. As such, it is advisable that Nourkrin® Post Pregnancy is started within the first 4 months after giving birth and continued until you are content with the quality and texture of your hair.

This means that you can proactively provide the support required for your hair to maintain top quality, optimal appearance and its ability to grow normally – before the onset of a problem.

Nourkrin® Post Pregnancy is completely safe and 100% drug-free.

With Nourkrin®, you get what you deserve as the product has been featured in numerous clinical peer-reviewed papers and is used globally as a primary therapy to address hair growth disorders.

Values Per 1 Tablet (daily serving)

  • Marilex® 285mg
  • Iron 17mg
  • D-biotin 180ug

Ingredient List (in full)

Marilex® (fractionated fish extract with specific lectican proteoglycans), ferrous fumerate, D-biotin, bulking agents (microcrystalline cellulose; calcium hydrogen phosphate), stabilisers (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose; talc; glycerol), glazing agents (magnesium salts of fatty acids), colours (titanium dioxide).


Always read the label. Not recommended for those allergic to fish.


1 tablet daily for a minimum of 6 months or until satisfied with results
(1 tablet in the morning taken with water after food).

What the users say
Nourkrin® hair supplement tablets have made a difference to my hair

Well I’m going to be completely honest here and admit I was somewhat sceptical about whether these tablets were going to do ‘exactly what it says on the tin’, after all it is somewhat of a cliché, hair-growth ‘cures’ and all that. My hair is long and very fine, not to mention quite thin, so after having three children my locks were somewhat thinner. I began to accept that I would always ‘moult’ more than our Border Collie and forever be removing my hair from the shower plughole as if I was suffering from alopecia (although I wasn’t). At 35 it was making me feel less than feminine and imagined sooner or later being able to see a bald spot on my crown. As a Mum I felt enough pressure on the effects childbirth had already had on my body, and to be honest it was quite a big factor in me suffering very frequently with ‘the blues’. Nourkrin® hair supplement tablets have made a difference to my hair, most definitely. In fact, I would say a huge improvement!!!. My hair loss has slowed down to what I would now call ‘normal rate’, therefore my hair feels and appears thicker and even seems to have had a growth spurt!!!. I have barely seen any of my mane in the plughole so that’s how I know its not wishful thinking!!!. Before trying Nourkrin I thought the price seemed a little steep but I definitely think they are worth every penny. My hair is no longer falling out like it was and I’m feeling like a yummy Mummy….result!!!!!

Emmy, UK