Nourkrin® Woman

180 tablets with FREE serum (worth £24.95)

Nourkrin® Woman with the unique Marilex® helps support, normalise and maintain the Hair Growth Cycle by carefully providing the correct nutrients to the hair follicles.

Today, the award-winning Nourkrin® Woman is appreciated by women around the world.

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Up to 60% of women will experience a hair growth disruption.


Yet, no matter what type of female hair loss occurs, the Hair Growth Cycle is almost always affected.

The Hair Growth Cycle can be disrupted by many factors, e.g.:
Stress, Genetics, Diabetes, Poor Nutrition, Hyperthyroidism, Cholesterol, Medication, Childbirth, Hormones, Hypertension, Hairstyling and others.

Nourkrin® Woman with the unique Marilex® is scientifically formulated to help maintain a normal Hair Growth Cycle, which helps to support normal healthy hair growth.

With Nourkrin®, you get what you deserve as the product has been featured in numerous clinical peer-reviewed papers and is used globally as a primary therapy to address hair growth disorders.

Nourkrin® Woman is completely safe and 100% drug-free.


Nourkrin® Serum:
Nourkrin Scalp Serum has been developed specifically for women and men experiencing hair loss and thinning.

Nourkrin Scalp Serum is scientifically formulated to promote normal hair follicle function to encourage hair growth. It nourishes the scalp and hair follicle to stimulate natural growth of healthy hair.

Recommended for daily use, it is specifically formulated for all hair types including fragile and delicate hair.

For best results, use Nourkrin Scalp Serum in combination with Nourkrin® food supplement tablets and other products in the Nourkrin® range.

Values Per 2 Tablets (daily serving)

  • Marilex® 600mg
  • Silica 60mg
  • Biotin 180µg

Nourkrin® Woman Ingredient List (in full)

Marilex® (fractionated fish extract with specific lectican proteoglycans), silicon dioxide, D-biotin, bulking agent (microcrystalline cellulose), stabilisers (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose; magnesium salts of fatty acids), glazing agents (polyvinyl alcohol; polyethylene glycol; talc), colours (titanium dioxide; iron oxides).


Always read the label. Not recommended for those allergic to fish.

Nourkrin® Serum Ingredient List (in full)

Aqua, hydroxyethyl acrylate/sodium acryloyloyldimethyl taurate copolymer, glycerin, simmondsia chinensis seed oil, aesculus hippocastanum seed extract, benzyl alcohol, squalane, sodium benzoate, polysorbate 60, mentha piperita oil, sodium phytate, potassium sorbate, glycine, sodium metabisulphite, larix europaea wood extract, citric acid, zinc chloride, camelia sinsensis leaf extract, alcohol.


Nourkrin® Woman


2 tablets daily for a minimum of 6 months or until satisfied with results
(1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet in the evening taken with water after food).

Nourkrin® Serum


Apply daily (in the morning and in the evening) directly to dry scalp in the areas where hair thinning is occurring. Spread with fingers. Leave to dry.

Suitable for all hair types including fragile and delicate hair. Suitable for daily use.

For best results use the complete Nourkrin® range of supplements, serum, shampoo and conditioner.

Keep out of reach of children. For cosmetic use only. Avoid eye contact.

What the users say
Fantastic product to reduce hair loss

I was very concerned about the amount of hair loss I was experiencing, mostly thinning. I heard about Nourkrin® Woman, and just 2 1/2 months after starting the tablets, I noticed hair regrowth!

The amount of hair shedding reduced an awful lot, and I noticed hair regrowth first around the temples and the hairline. I’m so relieved to have found out about
Nourkrin® – they are really making a difference already. Buying another  3-month supply. I highly recommend.