You may have noticed that your hair is not growing as well as it once was – that there’s a lack of its previous density, it contains sparse patches, or that its appearance and condition are not as healthy as they have been previously. All of these complaints are incredibly common, affecting around 60% of women at some point in their lives, and they all have one thing in common – a disrupted Hair Growth Cycle.

What causes hair thinning and hair loss?

Anagen phase proteoglycan balance of a healthy hair growth cycleFrom the hormonal fluctuations most commonly associated with childbirth, menopause and hormonal contraception, to stress, overstyling, illness (including COVID) and many, many factors in between, there are multiple factors that affect the ability of the hair to grow normally and maintain a healthy appearance. However, regardless of the initial cause of the problem, the common factor in all Hair Growth Cycle disruptions is a depletion of the vital signalling molecules within each hair follicle.

In a healthy follicle, these molecules (called proteoglycans) are responsible for ensuring that the hair grows in its proper order and adheres to a set timeline. This timeline is known as the Hair Growth Cycle.

The Hair Growth Cycle

Hair growth cycle, anagen, catagen, telogenANAGEN – 85-90% of the follicles on the head are in this stage at any given point. This is the part of the cycle where the hair is in the follicle and actively growing. This phase lasts for around 3-5 years on average.

CATAGEN – Around 1% of the follicles are at this point in the cycle. This is where the active growth (Anagen) phase has ended and the hair sits inactive in the follicle. This phase lasts for around 2 weeks.

TELOGEN – The final phase of the cycle, lasting around 3 months. Around 10-15% of the follicles are in this phase at any given point. At this time, the follicle is preparing to shed the fully-grown hair at which point a new hair will form and, in a healthy follicle, the cycle will begin again.


In a disrupted Hair Growth Cycle, the level of these signalling molecules in the follicles is depleted, which disrupts the ability of the follicle to perform properly.

The result of this can manifest in multiple ways, leading to a shortening of the growth (Anagen) phase of the cycle, an increase in the number of follicles entering the Telogen phase, and/or the inability of follicles to resume the Anagen phase and therefore falling dormant. This can be seen in the growth of the hair, including increased levels of hair loss, an inability to grow past a certain length, general thinning over the entire head, thinning in specific patches of the hair, a widening parting, bald patches

What makes Nourkrin unique?

Nourkrin® is the only Proteoglycan Replacement Therapy available on the market today. Its unique active ingredient, Marilex®, targets the common factor in all Hair Growth Cycle disruptions by helping to re-balance the levels of proteoglycans in the follicle

Unlike many hair, skin and nail products which rely solely on biotin (simply vitamin B7), the bioactive proteoglycans in Nourkrin® work with the body’s natural Hair Growth Cycle, replenishing the missing signalling molecules to ensure the proper, natural, function of the follicle, restoring hair growth.

Nourkrin®: Better Because…

By rebalancing the levels of proteoglycans within the follicles to their natural, optimal levels, Nourkrin® helps to ensure…

  • Follicles remain in the Anagen (growth) phase of the Hair Growth Cycle for the proper duration.
    • This ensures that each hair reaches its optimal potential growth before the follicle cycles to the Catagen phase.
    • The culmination of this is that the number of hairs prematurely entering the Telogen phase is reduced, which helps to reduce excess shedding and improve overall density of the hair.
    • As hairs remain in the Anagen phase for the naturally optimum amount of time, the hair can reach its full growth potential, resulting in healthier growth and longer hair.
  • Follicles which have fallen dormant and are therefore not currently producing hair are stimulated back into the Anagen phase of the cycle.
    • This increases the number of active follicles, increasing the number of actively growing hairs and thereby reducing sensations of general overall thinning and thin patches within the hair.
  • The proper balance of follicles within each phase of the Hair Growth Cycle is restored.
    • As each follicle works to its own timeline, and different follicles will be at different stages of the Hair Growth Cycle at any given time, consistent proteoglycan support ensures that the overall health of the follicles across the whole head maintains healthier growth, resulting in longer hair and normalised shedding (100-150 hairs a day).
  • The effects of hormonal fluctuations within the body have a reduced effect on the performance of the follicle.
    • By maintaining the correct balance of proteoglycans within the follicle, the Hair Growth Cycle is protected against the negative effect of hormonal fluctuations. This reduces the risk of a disruption to the Hair Growth Cycle, which would lead to excess shedding and hair loss.
  • The health of the follicle is rebalanced.
    • This ensures that the follicle can produce naturally healthy hair, that looks and feels at its best.

Nourkrin Woman hair growth supplement 60 tablet packNourkrin® was the first natural hair growth food supplement on the market in the UK more than 30 years ago.

With an ongoing programme of clinical research into hair loss and its causes, and with currently more than 100 clinical papers that prove the efficacy of Nourkrin® in targeting the numerous causes of hair growth disruption, Nourkrin® is unique in its formulation and mode of action, meaning it’s more than just another hair growth supplement.

Nourkrin® provides the precise ratios of the specific proteoglycans which help to regulate hair follicle function and the Hair Growth Cycle, therefore, it is clinically proven to help restore, normalise and maintain a healthy Hair Growth Cycle, leading to a reduction in excess shedding and an increase in and prolongation of Anagen growth.

In a recent study, more than 90% of people taking Nourkrin® showed an improvement in the condition, volume and overall health of their hair after 6 months use.


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