What the Users Say

Below is a selection of testimonials from people that have been affected by hair growth issues, and who have experienced the benefits of Nourkrin®.
If you would like to share your experience with Nourkrin® we encourage you to e-mail your story to us.


I feel able to face the world without a headscarf!

Jayne, Hertfordshire

My story began last November, when my daughter noticed a small bald patch, about the size of a ten pence piece, on the crown of my head. I was absolutely mortified and did my best to cover it with the rest of my hair.

However, the patch kept on spreading and before long, I had to use a grip to hold my hair in place over it. Going out in the day time wasn’t too bad as it was winter and everyone was wearing hats, but social events over Christmas were a trial for me – I even used to make sure that I stood or sat at the edge of a room with the right side of my head towards everyone else. My clothes were covered in my fallen hair and washing it was terribly upsetting. My family bought me expensive organic hair products, but nothing seemed to help.

I went to see my doctor who diagnosed me with Alopecia Areata, an autoimmune condition. Although I was otherwise well physically, she suggested stress as a possible cause and prescribed a steroid cream.

By New Year, the bald patch measured almost 4 inches across and my confidence was badly affected. Of course, I realised that there are far, far worse health problems, but I still felt unfeminine, unattractive and depressed. Then my hairdresser suggested Nourkrin® and I started to take it twice a day. Before long, I had a small tuft of hair in the very place where it had begun to fall out 3 months before. Gradually, this new hair continued to grow and although two more patches developed, they have now almost covered after using Nourkrin® for 5 months.

Now my hair is pretty much back to normal and I feel able to face the world without a headscarf!

Thank you Nourkrin®!

Does exactly what it claims to do


Around 2014 I had started to notice my hair going thin around the front and a little at the back, this was a very worrying time for me and I became quite paranoid about what affect this would have on me socially. I was told to shave it off or to use hair loss concealers which worked for a time, but only until the rest started to thin and concealers became ineffective.

After much research and extensive discussions within forums, I decided that I would use a supplement and hope for the best. Propecia was considered, but I was unwilling to mess with my body’s natural chemical rhythm by way of DHT blockers. The side effect risks were too high!

So I tried Nourkrin® MAN instead and I am happy I did! I won’t lie and say it grew a full head of hair back, but slowly and surely it started to get thicker and it looked much much healthier. I have noticed small growth in places that were thinning the most and it has helped me to get some confidence back. I have been using it a year now and I can’t wait to see the results in another year!

The tablets are all natural so there are no side effects. This coupled by slow and sure results have given me confidence not only in my quality of hair but also in a product that does exactly what it claims to do where others do not! 

Well done Nourkrin®!

An excellent product, which rewards commitment with visible good results


Over 10 years ago I found myself in a very difficult period of my life.

My father died and the relationship I was in was breaking apart. The level of stress was extremely high, and although, being a psychotherapist myself, I was doing all I could to overcome it, I lost over ten kilos in weight and my physical appearance started to suffer. On top of poor health, I started losing my hair big time.

I’ve always had a lot of hair, curly, soft, something I was proud of, and it was coming off in fistfuls. People around me noticed it, increasing my worries and anxieties.

A biologist friend pointed me in the direction of Nourkrin® and I started taking it regularly, overcoming my scepticism. Despite myself, I started seeing good and strong regrowth after the first three months. It was clearly noticeable and even my GP, more sceptical than I was, had to admit that the supplement was working. And it did, until I had again a full head of healthy, strong hair.

Since then I have been taking Nourkrin® quite regularly because I was entering the menopause, which is another common cause of hair loss, and I haven’t looked back!

It is an excellent product, which rewards commitment with visible good results. I have of course recommended it to many friends and even to some of my patients, who have invariably been satisfied and relieved.

Many thanks to the Nourkrin® team!

My hair feels a lot better


Generally I have always had very thick and good quality hair, plus I was born with bright red hair. Although the colour of my hair has faded with the years, it is still a good colour and has not gone grey, so I am fortunate in that I do not have to dye it. However, with age it has become thinner and with the onset of the menopause, it really started to fall out a lot, leaving my hair much thinner and weaker. Often people comment positively on my hair, especially with regard to the colour, so to start to lose my main attribute was not very pleasant! I therefore started to take Nourkrin® and after about 3 months, I noticed that it was becoming much thicker. There has been a noticeable decrease in the amount of hair loss when I wash it and it feels a lot better. I continue to take Nourkrin® to maintain the thickness and quality of it. My hairdresser thinks that my hair is still thick for my age (and he has been my hairdresser for about 27 years, so he knows my hair very well!). During the warmer months, I try not to use a hair dryer to dry my hair, and it now takes about 3 hours to dry properly on it’s own, which I think is also testimony to how the tablets have helped!

Easy to use and makes a real difference

Martin, Buckinghamshire

I first noticed that I was losing more hair than usual when showering or combing my hair and that my hair seemed to be thinning all over at the age of just 18 (I am now 56).  Alarmed at the thought of losing my precious locks, I then spent many years embarking on potential treatments to save my hair. 

This included weekly visits to trichologists, having electric stimulation treatments, using coal tar like solutions and shampoos. Nothing seemed to help though. Eventually, I saw an advert for a clinic offering Minoxidil treatments, which seemed to offer a cure – I visited the doctor there and was diagnosed as being suitable for the treatment. Armed with my ‘miracle cure’, I religiously used it for a month, but there was no impact and it was very expensive – so I decided to move elsewhere. 

Then one day, whilst travelling on holiday on a plane, I saw an advertisement in the in flight magazine for Nourkrin® – so I thought I would give it a try. I started on the Nourkrin® Man hair supplement tablets on a daily basis and I was delighted with the results it gave after only one month of use – my hair seemed thicker and more manageable and my scalp less visible. I have continued to use it ever since and would not be without it. It’s easy to use and makes a real difference. I feel more confident in the way I look and with my hair – THANKS NOURKRIN®!  

New hair growth


I was very stressed out with work and study, and I was always so anxious. I developed a bad habit of twiddling and pulling at my hair, just breaking and pulling at the ends. I ended up with bald patches at the side of my head, especially the right hand side (as I am right handed!!). 

It was looking awful. I asked in the chemist, and a pharmacist recommended Nourkrin®. It took about 2-3 months, and it was my hairdresser that commented how my hair was growing, and looked so much healthier. She even commented on all the new hair growth, she said that she could see it clearly. I was thrilled.

I have curly hair, but occasionally get it blow dried straight, and it was then that I could absolutely see the length and good condition that it is in – almost as a placebo effect, it has stopped me from twiddling at it, because I am so happy with it.

You may think it is expensive, but it is just a once off payment every few months as opposed to lesser amounts every other week so financially better value and definitely worth it!!

New healthy hair was replacing the old


I decided to give Nourkrin® a try after noticing the amount of hair shedding after brushing and washing. As any other woman, this had become a cause for concern and the added distress and upset was only making my insecurities worse. Having tried several high end shampoos designed to target hair loss but being disappointed with the end result, I saw an ad for Nourkrin® on a special offer for a 3 month supply of tablets with shampoo and conditioner included.

I thought, since previously I was trying to treat the problem externally, to give the tablets a try. I did do some prior research into the brand and user’s reviews prior to purchasing, as I am cautious of taking something unbeknown to me.

Initially, I was rather sceptical as one would be but towards the end of the 3 months, the hair loss during washing had reduced and even my hairdresser commented on the amount of baby hair I had, meaning hair growth had increased and new healthy hair was replacing the old, weak and damaged hairs making me feel more confident as a result.

After completing the 3-month supply of tablets, I have noticed the hair has grown longer faster than it would normally so it definitely helped with the growth. I can also report there is less hair fallout during washing for certain and the amount that does looks to be within the norm as we do lose roughly 100-125 hairs per day. It is recommended that the tablets be taken for a minimum of 6 months for maximum benefit, so I will be re-ordering to see if there is further improvement at the end of the course, but speaking from personal experience so far so good.

‘My hair feels great’

Shirley, Ireland

My wedding date was set for summer 2016, and I couldn’t be more excited. My only wedding worry was my hair, which was thinning and breaking very easily and not looking good.

I had put it down to college stress as a mature student, but six months after my final exams I was still struggling with my hair. I had read about Nourkrin® and I read people’s testimonials online and felt I could relate to their hair problems, so I decided to try Nourkrin®.

I started taking Nourkrin® in October 2015 and by Christmas I had noticed a huge change with new hair growth. My hair was stronger and breaking less. My hairdresser noticed the condition of my hair and how much it had improved and how fast it was growing. With each salon visit for hair trials leading up to my wedding, the girls in the salon would compliment my hair and say how easy it was to style. My hair feels great and I will continue to recommend this product as I have seen amazing results.

‘Improvement in thickness’

Grace Duggan, Ireland

I am finding an improvement in the thickness of my hair. It is much thicker when I let it dry naturally and don’t style it … when freshly washed it resembles the hair I used to have. I would say to women not to panic. My hair has been falling out for two years now and while the hair loss in the plughole and the hairbrush can be extremely distressing, I don’t have any bald patches … Wash your hair, tie it up in a grip and let it dry naturally. Try not to style it.

‘Benefits are huge’

Maria Nason, Ireland

I am staying with Nourkrin® as the benefits that I have noticed are huge. Both the growth & quality of my hair are clear to see. The strength of my hair has improved greatly with no split ends/breakages at this stage… A lot of people have commented about the condition of my hair + I have had no hesitations in telling them about this supplement that I continue to take twice daily. I personally see a huge difference because I had quite a short hairstyle for a few years… My hair is almost the desired length & I am so very happy + satisfied…

‘Encourages new hair growth’

Carol Deegan, Ireland

I find Nourkrin® definitely encourages new hair growth, but not evenly all over. It certainly improves the condition of hair and nails. This has been noted by my hairdresser and nail technician.

‘Much improvement’

Yvonne Martin, Ireland

My hair has much improved it seems to be growing in length very quickly but not in width at the moment but maybe that takes much longer.

‘Confident and happier’

Karen Murray, Ireland

Like most women [there is] a long list of things we would like to change about ourselves, but having poor, weak, thin & fragile hair is probably top of my list, I look with envy at people with thick full growth – anyhow I have been taking my daily dose, started off slow, as I had in the past taken supplements for hair, all of which did not agree with me, made me a little nauseous – anyway I had no side effect from Nourkrin®, and take with a glass of water. My hair will never be full & thick but it has certainly improved, I wash my hair every second day, unless I need to, I don’t want to dry out natural oils, on day two I always wear a light hat as my hair being so fine gaps after sleeping on it, during winter months this is ok, but in summer months it looks ridiculous, this year the hat was away – normally I would not have the confidence on day 2 to go out without, this year I got two days hat free, on the odd occasion I did wash the hair on consecutive days, but on the most my hair was good, I was not always sure, but my family told me it was looking a lot better, I will continue taking [Nourkrin®] & think my girls (even though young, but also have fine hair – but not to my extent) will take the product designed for younger people. I keep my hair short but feel a lot more confident & happier about my hair than I used to and may even let it grow to a little longer length & even try a change in my doo!!

I am glad I stuck with it – I have a tendency to let things slide when there are no immediate results. So glad I kept things going. Still taking Nourkrin® and feel better to be doing something rather than waiting for my hair to get thinner. Thanks again!

‘Very effective’

Deidre Ward, Ireland

I’m delighted to say I’m finding the Nourkrin® tablets very effective. Since I’ve started the course my hair seems much thicker and looks more fuller and in much better condition, when I wash it my hair now it stays looking good for a few days where as before I needed to wash it most days to look any way decent. [I’m] delighted with Nourkrin® as my hair feel in much better condition and looks thicker and healthier. I would recommend my friends to try Nourkrin®.

‘Happy with Nourkrin®’

Dolores Doyle, Ireland

I am very happy with the Nourkrin®. After the initial 3 months I will admit I did not see much of a change but in the last few weeks can say there seems to be an improvement. Look forward to completing the course and see more results.

‘Works a treat!’

Natasha, mother of two

Brilliant product, noticed a difference in a week, my hair is soft, and no longer falling out, the new hair growth is growing very quickly, I’d recommend [Nourkrin® Post Pregnancy] any new mum to be!!!!

‘Definite improvement’

Lydia, mother of two

I have been taking these [Nourkrin® Post Pregnancy] tablets for around 3 weeks now and I have seen an improvement. I am still experiencing hair loss but not at the rate it was previously. New hair has started to grow and it does seem to be growing quite quickly. It is also in a much better condition than after having my first child and nothing else in my hair care routine has changed.

‘Massive improvement!’

Gemma, mother of three

Everyone knows after pregnancy your hair falls out and becomes thinner. I had just come to accept it as another part of a changing body post pregnancy. My hair is naturally thin so wasn’t holding much hope on these [Nourkrin® Post Pregnancy] tablets actually working.

I have taken them for a full month now and the improvement is very noticeable. I’m no longer taking handfuls of hair out with every brush or wash it is obviously not a miracle cure but it has made a dramatic difference. It also has a much healthier shine.

I would be happy to recommend these to any post pregnancy mum.


Claire, mother of one

I’m so impressed. I started taking these [Nourkrin® Post Pregnancy] tablets with an open mind, as nothing I have ever used has worked before, however I’ve been shocked at the results.

My pregnancy hair was the best it has ever been – the thickest and strongest – but when I had my son, in the months after, I started losing it in handfuls. Within three days of taking these tablets, there was at least an 80% reduction in my hair loss. No more brushes and plugholes of hair! I’m amazed. I can’t recommend enough.

‘Works well’

Siobhan, mother of one

I’ve always had thick hair that needs thinning out when I get it cut, but after the birth of my daughter, my hairdresser noticed it didn’t need thinning anymore and had changed a lot. The [Nourkrin® Post Pregnancy] tablets are really easy to take I just used to have one each morning after breakfast. After using them for a while I did notice an improvement in my hair, it was feeling thicker and I wasn’t noticing any hair loss. My hairdresser said new hair was growing. I also had compliments about how my hair was looking since taking the tablets, which was a bonus. I would definitely recommend to new mums suffering with hair loss.

‘I had good results’

Sarah, mother of two

I took the [Nourkrin® Post Pregnancy] tablets for a month. After 2 weeks I noticed that my hair loss was lessening, after 3 weeks it became my normal pre pregnancy hair loss and have noticed new hairs growing back. I’m pleased with the product.

‘I have hair again :)’

Lesley Anne

I lost a lot of hair after pregnancy, so much so I considered getting it very short because I struggled brushing it.

After using this product [Nourkrin® Post Pregnancy] till it was finished I did notice a clear difference in the hair loss and brushing was slightly easier. I have just ordered more as my hair does still fall out even though I gave birth 10 months ago.

They are in the form of tablets that you take daily and although a little big, it was easier to use than a steroid cream commonly prescribed by doctors, ease of use was far superior than that.

I have recommended this product to other mums in the same situation as me to try.



I was very sceptical about this and didn’t expect it to work at all. I have very fine hair so couldn’t spare any more loss after my son! These [Nourkrin® Post Pregnancy] really do work. Even my hairdresser has noticed a difference. Very good.

‘Good product’


‘Difference in the quality of my hair ‘


My hair fell out due to a serious illness, it was fine anyway and to lose more was depressing. I have only been taking Nourkrin® for a month and can already see a difference in the quality of my hair and I am delighted, so onwards and upwards.

‘Happier with my hair ‘


Good value for money. Now happier with my hair. Would recommend this product to others.

‘My hair began to improve quite rapidly’


I think that Nourkrin® are excellent products. My hair started to thin during my menopause and I became really distressed as I had up until then always had long and thick hair. After using Nourkrin® my hair began to improve quite rapidly and I can now say that I have lovely shoulder length, thick hair again.

‘The most effective treatment ‘


I have been using this product for many years and it is the most effective treatment for hair loss. I have recommended it to a family member recently.

‘Gives my fine hair more body’

Corinne, Australia

I have been using Nourkrin® for a number of years but have not been able to get the product here in Australia. It is definitely beneficial and gives my fine hair more body. An added benefit is the improvement in my skin.

‘I definitely notice a difference’


I have been using this product for some time now and I definitely notice the difference. I am 60 and my hair looks the same as when I was in my early 40s. I wouldn’t be without it.

“Nourkrin® revived my hair after I had breast cancer”

Rose, UK

My name is Rose, and in 2007 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Another patient I met while having chemotherapy told me a story about advice she was given about Nourkrin®.

I had lost all my hair so as soon as I finished my treatment, I started taking Nourkrin®. It most definitely helped my hair grow back and even a little fuller. I have had very fine hair all of my life, I was so pleased by the new growth.

Because I take another medication that reduces estrogen, my hair started to fall and thin out. I have been using Nourkrin® for 7 years now and it helps my hair become a little fuller every time I need a little help.

“Found myself again with Nourkrin®”

Diane, UK

Nourkrin® has helped me to find ME at a time when I had no hope or confidence after losing my hair totally. It was awful having to look in the mirror and hating my image and not recognising myself without my best feature – my long, thick hair. Instead I was being met by a bald woman who I simply didn’t know.

I got Wigs but nothing can ever feel the same as your own hair. I felt fake and fearful and totally un-feminine. I totally withdrew into myself and instead of being the outgoing confidant Diane, I was lost and became very introverted and hated going out.
I lost my job and shied away from any type of Relationship.

I came across Nourkrin® by accident having tried various herbal treatments with no success, only disappointment and many tears……would I always be this bald THING??

I started taking Nourkrin® with obvious doubts as to if it would actually work. Well one year nearly and my hair, yes my HAIR has started to grow back and it is thick and healthy and my Hairdresser says that in all the years of knowing me she has never seen it look so good!!!!

I am amazed, emotional as to it’s success and what’s more I can finally ditch the Wigs!!!!

Nourkrin® is truly remarkable and I hope others get the same result and subsequent joy that having hair growth brought and still brings. I say a true heartfelt Thank You for this miracle wonderful Treatment.

A very very Happy Diane I.

“Nourkrin® really was and is my savior.”

Anne, Chippenham

I would like to share my thought on Nourkrin®! It wouldn’t be too dramatic to say it saved me!!

In the winter of 2012 (aged 46) around October, I started losing a bit more hair than normal when washing and brushing/styling. I have always been known for my hair, long blondish and extremely thick. So thick that I had to choose Hairdressers carefully as most would run a mile rather than thin/razor my hair for me to take the bulk out.

By the end of November I had a carrier bag full of hair that I had lost. I think I was in denial that something was wrong yet kept all of the hair that I was shedding. I went to the Doctors who did blood tests that showed I was rapidly approaching the Peri-menopausal stage of life and said my hair would never be the same again and she was sure it would eventually slow down/stop. My hair loss was so dramatic that I felt I couldn’t just leave it and see what happened. I really felt that by the Christmas it would be very noticeable to people that something was wrong. I was actually stunned to feel so devastated at my hair loss. It wasn’t something I’d ever thought about.

I drove home that day in what felt like panic.

I had mentioned to a family member what was happening and when I showed her the bag of hair they were visibly shocked. The next day I had an extremely blessed phone call from a lady that worked with this family member. To this day I can’t thank her enough for ringing me! She recommended Nourkrin®. She had had the same situation as myself and found it had helped her.

I ordered Nourkrin® immediately and by the tenth day of taking the tablets my hair loss started to slow down and within a month I was back to what I classed as normal shedding. I am still taking Nourkrin® today and my hairdresser says she now classes me as still having thick hair. It may not get back to how thick it was before but I can now hold my head up and feel a little more like I used to.

I cannot be without Nourkrin®. They really were and are my saviour!

“A great product. NO, the BEST!!”

Eunice, UK

Good morning
Hope I’ve got this right. I’ve used Nourkrin® scalp solution for many years. As an older person I saw how friends’ hair was deteriorating and “HELP “ went through my mind I’ve always had a good head of hair but perms and highlights were taking the quality away. I looked at various products
and the prices made my hair curl! Excuse the pun!
Then I found Nourkrin®. Everything you need at sensible prices. I bought scalp lotion and just used it after shampooing. My hair is in lovely condition, and my hairdresser says she has never known hair grow so fast! I don’t tell why. My secret to share with anyone who asks!
Thanks Nourkrin®. A great product. NO, the BEST!!

“This is a major breakthrough for me”

Gilian, UK

Since I have started using Nourkrin®, which is 6 months now, I have noticed my hair has stopped falling out! This is a major breakthrough for me, as we are all conscious of thinning hair. I will continue to use this every day.

“Thank you so much for Nourkrin® tablets and lotion”

Janet, UK

My hairdresser commented last week that my hair was looking thicker, I said I hadn’t dare say as much myself, but I also felt the same. I have used so many lotions and potions with no result. Thank you so much for Nourkrin® tablets and lotion, I will carry on using these in the future.

“If you have any thinning hair problems, you will definitely get results”

Barbara, UK

About three years ago I noticed my hair was slightly thinning at the crown and every time I went out I made my husband check for ‘bald spots’.
I saw an advertisement for Nourkrin® and decided to give it a go. After three months I thought I had a slight improvement so I purchased another three months. After this my hair had definitely improved.
I telephoned Nourkrin® and asked if I should continue or if I was cured now. I was told to perhaps cut down to one tablet daily and to use the shampoo and conditioner. I did cut the tablets down, but I then foolishly stopped taking them.
About a year ago I noticed a bit of thinning again, although not as bad as previously. I re-started the tablets and now I have decided to keep taking them. It is very important to me to have my hair looking good, and I no longer have my husband on ‘bald spot’ alert.
I have recommended the tablets to three friends and my son-in-law and all are very pleased with the results.
If you have any thinning hair problems, you will definitely get results.

“I have noticed new hair growth”

Nuzhat, UK

My problem was falling hair and the hair was becoming fine.
I used Nourkrin® tablets for 6 months and the change I noticed was after 5 months. My individual hair has doubled the thickness, although hair loss has not stopped, but has reduced, and I have noticed new hair growth. 
I am planning to continue using it for a year at least. 

“Thank You Nourkrin®” 

Kate, UK

3 years ago my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer during his chemo treatments and my hair started to fall out, I had bald patches everywhere, but I did not seek help at the time. My husband’s nursing was the most important thing, 11 months later he lost his battle with cancer. Eventually I went to the doctor who after test said there was no medical reason and he thought it may be due to the stress during my husband illness. So I found Nourkrin® when searching on Google for hair loss treatments. I have been taking it for 4 month now and it is working, my hair is starting to grow back. It makes me feel more myself now, so thank you Nourkrin®.

“Been on it for the best part of 10+ years”

Jackie, UK

I began losing my hair beyond the normal amount during my divorce in 1994. 

I am also a woman whose male family members are all bald and I was told I have high levels of testosterone in my body. Not to mention hair growing thick everywhere else I don’t want it. 

I started to try Nourkrin® tablets some years ago and found that it improved the general density of my hair around the best areas. With some improvements at the front of my forehead, where most of my problems lie. I was not totally sure if the Nourkrin® was working after a while and it was expensive, so I stopped taking it. 
Good grief did I regret that, as I lost pretty much what I had gained and a bit more very quickly, so I went back onto it.  

Been on it ever since for the best part of 10 plus years. 

I would dread to think what my hair would be like without it. Probably pink and a wig!! Ha! 

“Nourkrin® was the only thing that stopped my hair fall”

Cathy, UK

“I had a big hair loss problem when I started to be treated for an overactive thyroid about 10 years ago. After trying different treatments, Nourkrin® was the only one that actually stopped my hair from falling and got my hair to grow thicker again. About 5 months ago, after 3 pregnancies in quite a short time, a lot of postpartum hair loss and thyroid causing problems again, my hair was in a desperate state. So as soon as I finished breastfeeding my third baby, I started to take Nourkrin® and, again, it quickly gave good results. I do recommend it each time someone tells me about a hair loss issue. And I am also very impressed by their amazing level of customer services, they actually genuinely care about their customers!”

“Very helpful after delivering my child”

Anonymous, UK

I’m personally so much thankful to Nourkrin®. After I delivered my child, I started losing hair at an alarming rate. I saw the Nourkrin® Ad on a magazine and tried a 3 months supply. It was very helpful. Hairfall was controlled and new hair started growing. I’m so thankful to this amazing product.

“Thank You Nourkrin®”

Jacqui, Hove, UK

Approximately one year ago, three months after an operation, my hair started to fall out and was shedding at an alarming rate. I immediately had blood tests to try to establish the cause of the problem. Apparently everything was normal except that my thyroid was on the borderline of being low and I was also starting the menopause.

I started taking another well-known brand of hair supplements, which initially helped to reduce the rate at which my hair was shedding (after a 3 month period) but then the rate of shedding reverted to how it was before.

Every time I washed my hair, literally handfuls of hair would come out and it was especially noticeable when combing it. I found my hair all over the house and it was constantly on my shoulders and clothing. It was so severe that I was frightened to even to wash my hair and noticed that my parting was becoming wider and patchier.

I saw the Nourkrin® advertisement in the newspaper and decided to try one last ditch attempt to save my hair, as I was already thinking about purchasing a wig! Although the cost is relatively high, exactly 3 months after taking Nourkrin®, to my amazement, the shedding stopped completely. I was overjoyed especially when people started commenting on how much thicker my hair appeared.

I am continuing to take the recommended dose of 2 tablets per day. It is now almost 6 months since I have been taking Nourkrin® and my hair looks and feels stronger and more luxuriant. I aim to take the maximum dose for 1 year and then reduce to 1 tablet per day.

The staff at Nourkrin® were extremely helpful and reassuring and, in my opinion, the results far outweigh the cost.

I have recommended Nourkrin® to my family and friends who have witnessed the dramatic effect it has had on my hair and my anxiety.

Thank you Nourkrin®!

Kind regards

“They definitely work”

Barbara, UK

Have used [Nourkrin®] before about three years ago and they really work (used for 6 months) […] maybe I should have kept up. [However I] ordered again as I was pleased with results last time.

“Success story”

Gillian, UK

Nourkrin® has really helped with my hair loss and thinning hair. I suffered quite severe alopecia 2 years ago. Took Nourkrin® for 6 months. My hair grew back and became stronger and thicker. Unfortunately I have noticed some patches re-occurring so I am now taking the tablets again and after one month [I] have seen a significant improvement.

“Very good effective treatment”

Georgina, UK

Have used this for a long time [and it] improves my hair a lot.

“It really does work!”

Helen, Blackpool, UK

I have been using Nourkrin® for four months now and my hair loss has improved significantly. I first started noticing this problem when I reached 50 (probably hormone related) and realised that my parting was widening and kept finding a lot of my hair on the bathroom floor. This was particularly noticeable as the floor is black and my hair is long and light in colour. I am so glad I found this product. I see so many women of my age with thinning hair. Although it’s quite expensive I think it really is worth the money because I feel better and more confident. Just thought I would write this review for anyone who is wondering whether to try Nourkrin®. Don’t wait too long. It really does work!

“Nourkrin® solves the problem of thinning hair”

Teresa, UK

I love this product. It was very good value for money and my hair is so much thicker now after using Nourkrin®. I would recommend it to anyone who has thinning hair.

“Well worth the effort”

Marcie, UK

I started using this product 9 months ago and have seen a considerable improvement in the thickness and general condition of my hair. You do need to be patient but [it is] well worth the effort.

“I had a thinning patch each side of the temple”

Tina, UK

We had a traumatic house move and my hair at the sides began to thin. After 4 months on Nourkrin® the two patches are covering over thinly. I shall keep going because Nourkrin® helped me 10 years or so ago after another stressful time when I had more severe hair loss. What a good product this is.